Help President-Elect Harrison

July 15, 2010

With the change of structure as voted on by the delegates earlier in this week, The United List had to make some changes to their recommendations to fit the new positions.

The Convention can help Pastor Harrison as he takes the reins of leadership in the LC-MS. He needs a support team. Tuesday saw the convention decide that the president needs pastors and laity in office around him who can work with him, share his vision and complement his style. They then gave Pastor Harrison a slate of vice presidents who will certainly work closely with him as he moves the Synod forward. Wednesday saw a Board of Directors elected that will work to support his vision. Thursday you can help with more people who can work with him by using The United List as a guide for your elections.

For delegates, pick up The United List from the gathering place in your hotel or on the second floor, to the right of the registration desk on the second floor of the Convention Center. You can also access it on The United List site by the pdf here.


Harrison’s Address to Convention Following Election

July 14, 2010

If one member suffers, all suffer together. If one rejoices, all rejoice together. Right now there are many rejoicing and there are many suffering. Luther says when you’re walking along and you strike your little toe on a chair or a table, a table leg, what happens is the whole body bends over, the face grimaces and grabs that little toe. And there’s no use saying “that’s just a little toe,” because the whole body suffers.

This I realize is a tumultuous change in the life of our Synod. I wish to thank President Kieschnick for his heart for evangelism, and his deep desire to move this Synod forward. Many are suffering, and it will be very challenging times to work together.

I wish to inform you that you have kept your perfect record of electing sinners as presidents of the Missouri Synod. [applause] I guarantee you I will sin and fail. I will fall short. I will sin against you. I wish also to say, that right now I forgive all who have in any way have sinned against me or anybody else, and plead your forgiveness for anything that I said or did that offended you. I beg of you your prayers, I beg of you your daily prayers and intercession. These are challenging times. I promise you that I will be as straight with you as I possibly can, to the best of my ability, guided by the Spirit of God. I pledge to you that I will not coerce you. I will do my best by the Word of Christ to lead with a generous Gospel of Jesus Christ, which forgives us all of our sins, and motivates us to love and care for our neighbor in mercy and compassion. And I will work as hard as I possibly can for unity around the clear and compelling Word of God and nothing else.

I wish to just introduce my dear wife to you, Kathy. Please Kathy, would you stand. [applause]

I’m so impressed by you at this convention, how you have borne with one another, been patient, asked for forgiveness. This is the greatest privilege and honor of one’s life to stand before this body in this fashion. I could never imagine it. And I pray the Lord will bless you in the days to come to work for unity and love and compassion, that the Gospel of Christ may go forth from all of us, in every single place, everywhere around the world, that many may know, many many more may know, the Gospel of Jesus for eternal life. The Lord be with you. [“And also with you.” Applause.]

Harrison and Mueller elected with 54% and 53%

July 13, 2010

Thanks to all who have supported Rev. Harrison and Rev. Mueller with us. Please join us now in praying for the LCMS as we move on from here toward greater harmony, deeper humility, and bold witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May God grant it, for Jesus’ sake!

LCMS World Relief-Human Care: Official Statement

June 29, 2010

From the LCMS website:

06-28-2010: The Truth about the Stewardship of LCMS World Relief and Human Care

For the sake of our work of mercy and those in need around the world, and to provide reassurance to our donors, it is necessary to respond to the Jesus First Delegate Letter No. 9. As chairman of the Board for Human Care, I have requested our board Vice Chair, John Edson (a Certified Public Accountant), to prepare a response.

Rev. Bernie Seter
Chair, Board for Human Care

Harrison on “Stand Firm”

June 18, 2010

Scott Diekmann has posted a nice collection of videos featuring Matt Harrison. Some are more serious, some are more fun. Take a look at “Stand Firm”.

Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri

June 13, 2010

A group of LCMS pastors and laypeople has joined in support of Matt Harrison and Herb Mueller. Head over to “Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri” and check out their growing collection of resources related to the LCMS convention and in support of a Harrison presidency. Lots to like about these positive voices for the right kind of change in “Missouri”.

Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri site.

Courage to Carry the Message to a Hurting World

May 21, 2010

In the 63rd regular convention of the LCMS in 2007, “One Message Christ,” Rev. Harrison was asked to be a devotion leader. His devotion was titled, “Courage to Carry the Message into a World of Hurt.” The Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, President of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and one of the convention chaplains, introduced Rev. Harrison.