Harrison And Mueller

The time for congregations to begin the nomination process is quickly approaching.

I’d like to humbly offer some suggestions as that time arrives:

1. Find out how and when your congregation will decide whom to nominate.
2. Encourage your congregation to nominate Rev. Harrison for president!
3. Each congregation may submit two names for nomination as President. Even if Harrison isn’t the only name your congregation suggests, he should be one of them!
4. Remember the nomination process closes in March of 2010.

It’s also worth thinking about nominations for other offices, in particular 1st Vice President. This is the only full-time VP position, and a key leader who can greatly assist the president.

We suggest each congregation nominates Rev. Herbert Mueller of the Southern Illinois District.

Rev. Herb Mueller

Rev. Herb Mueller

Rev. Mueller has served many years as a faithful District President and is well respected throughout the synod. You can see him in action here at the SID pastors conference, where he presented along with Rev. Harrison on the topic of “A Theological Approach to Unity“.

You can also read a bio of Rev. Mueller here.

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