Nomination Time!

Nomination forms have been mailed to all congregations. We now have until March 10th, 2010 to return completed Ballots.

1. Each congregation can nominate up to two names for President and 1st VP. If Harrison isn’t your only nominee, he should be at least one of them!

2. We suggest Rev. Herb Mueller, Southern Illinois DP as a nominee for 1st VP. He shares a similar vision of the LCMS as Rev. Harrison.

3. If you don’t know your congregation’s process for determining its nominees, ask questions! Usually your pastor knows whether the Council or Voters or some other group handles this. Put in a good word for Rev. Harrison and Rev. Mueller!

4. Here’s the specific info you will need for the form:

Rev. Matthew Harrison, Ballwin, MO

Rev. Herbert Mueller Jr., Waterloo, IL

Blessings in Christ!

One Response to Nomination Time!

  1. John Moseman says:

    A great leader is similar to a great pastor. You need a pastor who:

    1. Stands true to what he believes and will confess and defend it. Will inspire others to not be afraid an lead them in truth. Will not play poltics with core values and will not be wishy washy.

    2. Is loving,caring, compassionate, and comforting those whom trust in him to lead. Will not be ashamed to show how honest he feels about the situation. One who has a real desire to help others.

    3. Will correct and stand correct when errors arise. Even if he is wrong will stand for truth before popularity. Will fight for whats right and not dance around the issue. One who will in love show others the truth and is also willing to be stern as a loving father would be. He should know a plan and go with it. However understands that being in truth is needed. Will make tough decision even if means some of our brothers leaving.

    I have never meet Pr. Harris but what I have heard on the radio and on the phone and his writings. He sees that the LCMS needs to seriously address it’s mistakes and focus on the core elements. He seems knowledgeable about many issues and shows a desire to discuss them. He also seems to love what he does. I know that if he becomes president. Many great things are bound to happen that will help those of us who have wondered or been pushed away.

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