Matt Harrison Gets the Job Done

Matt Harrison GETS THE JOB DONE.

Rev. Harrison runs LCMS World Relief and Human Care — one of Synod’s largest departments awarding $51
million in grants over the past five years.

Despite the tough fundraising environment, Rev. Harrison raises money from small and large individual donors as well as sizeable grant making institutions. In addition to a wide variety of fundraising methods, he knows how to use of the media to get his message out.

He ran the LCMS national response to Katrina, the largest disaster response in the history of the Synod.

He manages LCMS participation in chaplaincy programs as well as national pro-life efforts.

Matt founded an inner-city neighborhood renewal project in the state’s poorest area that has built 20 new homes, cleaned up 40 vacant and dilapidated buildings, welcomed a new library, and renovated a school to house 60 needy seniors.

He co-founded a group effort to purchase a Reformation-era boys school and renovate it for a mission start for the LCMS German partner church (SELK). The center will provide guest accommodations, visitor hospitality, bookstore, lecture rooms and a diakonic office.

His post-graduate work includes media skills training and a Harvard seminar in non-profit management.

Won’t you join us in nominating Rev. Matt Harrison for LCMS President in 2010?


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