Harrison is a Great Guy!

So far we’ve made the case that Rev. Matt Harrison:

is a PASTOR first, and GETS THE JOB DONE.

But one more thing – Matt Harrison is a GREAT GUY who people like, trust and respect.

People from all sectors of Synod respect him and love to work with him. He manages a devoted staff of three dozen, works with 120 Recognized Service Organizations, and coordinates the efforts of districts and other departments.

He’s a “uniter” who recognizes that different people have different things to offer. He understands how doctrine and missions work together and should never be separated.

Harrison manages complicated international projects from Africa to Indonesia and unites people with different languages, governments and cultures toward common goals.

He works effectively with ELCA partner institutions, without compromising doctrinal integrity. And he works well with Roman Catholic and other church bodies in areas where efforts are best shared.

And, he’s an accomplished banjo player and woodworker who has made his own canoe!

Won’t you join us in nominating Matt Harrison for LCMS President?

5 Responses to Harrison is a Great Guy!

  1. Concerned says:

    Will everyone be wearing black armbands if Harrison doesn’t get elected? And then will there be a “spontaneous” funeral march out of the convention as if to say that the Synod will die without Harrison’s leadership? Placing so much hope on any potential leader as a “savior” is idolatry. Do we really want to repeat the sins of our past?

    • delegate2007 says:

      I don’t think anyone feels that way, Concerned. We are simply in support of a man who we think will be a good choice. No one’s called him a “savior”.

  2. Concerned says:

    Even though many didn’t call Obama a “savior,” many believed he would save the U.S. There is a sense all over the “blogosphere” that Harrison needs to be elected in order to “unify the Synod” and promote “doctrinal integrity” which will “save the LCMS.” The last time someone was elected Synodical president on that platform, the subsequent conflicts split the Synod. Is politicking and placing so much faith in one man to get the job done really the best way to go about “saving” the LCMS? It didn’t work before…

    • delegate2007 says:

      I hear your concern, Concerned. We all want what’s best for the LCMS. I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that Harrison will solve all our problems, unify us entirely, or “save us”. To be sure, there’s a fine line between speaking well of a man we think will be a good leader, and putting our “trust in princes”.

      If you read his paper, “It’s Time”, Matt lays out a specific plan to begin healing and work on our divisions. He also clearly understands there is a lot of hard work to be done. But looking at our Synod’s history, there have been times when we have enjoyed greater unity. He shows this, too, in his book “At Home in the House of My Fathers”.

      While we speak with optimism and hope, there is always the balance that every church consists of sinful people, and will never be perfect before Christ’s return. So perhaps your words remind us to temper that optimism.

      And as always, our faith is in Christ alone, not any man. But we humbly offer that God can use well-qualified men like Matt Harrison to serve His kingdom.

  3. Also Concerned says:

    It is good to be reminded to not place all our hope in one man. I don’t think Lutherans who favor Harrison for synodical president are really doing that. It seems that with a new leader who is well-liked and well-qualified, there is anticipation and optimism that our synod can look at reconciliation under new leadership, and considering new opportunities ahead of us with a fresh approach. To some, three more years of the same is not very appealing when our synod has been dividing under the present leadership (I write of what I have seen first-hand). It is one thing to throw around words like “ONE” and “unity.” It is quite another to roll up one’s sleeves and do the hard work of working through differences, praying that God will truly unite this church body. Characterizing the Lutheran church as “our grandfather’s church” with disdain, as though we must throw away our distinctions and ‘get with it’ and be just like the church down the street is less than helpful. God has given us treasures we dare not throw away in favor of todays’s fads. How do you get people talking together with other people, and not at them. I believe God can work through the gifts and the humility He has given Pastor Harrison, to get us truly in conversation, and help us to make wise decisions as we continue to feed His sheep and reach the lost. We do well to thank God for leaders He has raised up in the past and in the present and will raise up in the future. Let us always remember to pray for these leaders and future leaders, as Satan wants to defeat them and keep them from being affective as His instruments in the work of Christ’s church.

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