Rev. Harrison’s Sermon at Fort Wayne Seminary

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled — Sermon CTSFW

Rev. Matthew Harrison preached today (30 April 2010) at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne. His text was John 14:1, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” This was especially fitting considering that a number of graduates at CTSFW did not receive calls on “Call Day.” In the sermon, Rev. Harrison told the seminary community “Thank You” for their faithfulness, mission outreach, and other scholarly works that serve the church. He concluded the sermon with a quotation from Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration XI, 49: “… before time began God preordained what sort of crosses and sufferings he would use to conform each one of his elect to ‘the image of his Son,’ and that the cross of each should and must ‘work together for the good’ of that person …” Listen to the sermon below and / or download it.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Kramer Chapel
The Fourth Week of Easter
10:00 a.m.

30 April 2010


Matins – LSB 219
Venite – LSB 220


Hymn 829 “Christ the Eternal Lord”
Reading – John 14:1–14
Responsory for Easter – LSB 222

Homily – Reverend Matthew Harrison
Executive Director, LCMS Board for World Relief and Human Care


Canticle – LSB 940 “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”
Kyrie – LSB 227
Prayers – LSB 227
Benediction – LSB 228

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