LCMS World Relief-Human Care: Official Statement

June 29, 2010

From the LCMS website:

06-28-2010: The Truth about the Stewardship of LCMS World Relief and Human Care

For the sake of our work of mercy and those in need around the world, and to provide reassurance to our donors, it is necessary to respond to the Jesus First Delegate Letter No. 9. As chairman of the Board for Human Care, I have requested our board Vice Chair, John Edson (a Certified Public Accountant), to prepare a response.

Rev. Bernie Seter
Chair, Board for Human Care


Harrison on “Stand Firm”

June 18, 2010

Scott Diekmann has posted a nice collection of videos featuring Matt Harrison. Some are more serious, some are more fun. Take a look at “Stand Firm”.

Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri

June 13, 2010

A group of LCMS pastors and laypeople has joined in support of Matt Harrison and Herb Mueller. Head over to “Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri” and check out their growing collection of resources related to the LCMS convention and in support of a Harrison presidency. Lots to like about these positive voices for the right kind of change in “Missouri”.

Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri site.