The following is a list of individuals and organizations that have indicated support for Rev. Harrison. To add your name to the list, leave a comment below. Please also list your location and keep any comments brief (one line).


34 Responses to Endorsements

  1. Todd Wilken says:

    A Pastor, a Theologian, a Scholar.

  2. John T. Pless says:

    Matthew Harrison would bring confessional clarity and genuine pastoral leadership to heal our deeply fractured Synod

  3. Karen Gabriel says:

    Pr. Wilken said it all.

  4. Fritz Baue says:

    While an editor at CPH I worked with Matt on Hermann Sasse’s The Lonely Way (2 vol. CPH), for which he was primary translator. In the process I came to know Matt personally as well as professionally, and can attest to his love for Christ, for his family, for the Church, for his fellow man, and for the Orthodox Lutheran Confessors. (As well as for good cigars and bluegrass banjo music!) I am happy to give him my highest recommendation.

  5. Matthew Harrison is a faithful servant of God, who seeks to do things the correct way. The path of least resistance is taken too often these day. I thank God for fellow pastors like Matt who love their neighbor without forgetting the Lord. God Bles

  6. Rev. James Roemke says:

    A right step down the lonely path of confessional integrity.

  7. Rev. Chryst says:

    I don’t know him personally, but what I’ve heard and read from him is impressive. He seems like the breath of fresh air the LCMS needs.

  8. Carrie Roberts says:

    A man who will take the right path during difficult times.

  9. James H. Cavener says:

    Matt Harrison passionately loves the Scriptures and Confessions. He also
    acompletely regular guy

  10. Rev. Jeffrey Horn says:

    The best way to tell how a man will treat others when he has power is to look at how he treats those who are powerless. Rev. Harrison has distinguished himself as a pastor who served an inner city congregation, bringing Christ to those in darkness, and daily bread to the poor. He went on to serve the poor around the world, helping to bring food, clothing, shelter and the Gospel to people burdened by poverty and natural disaster. He has written books and translated works that have taught people about Christ’s love and mercy. Rev. Harrison is the right man to be President of our Synod because he has not sought out this job to have power. He has sought out this job as one more opportunity to serve God’s people and bring the compassion of Christ to those in need. Rev. Harrison has proven by a life of Christian service to others that he is ready to serve the LC-MS as our President.

  11. Rev. Edward Killian says:

    Matt Harrison was my pastor. His soundly confessional voice is a welcome contrast to the choir of cacaphony we have endured these last few terms. In my opinion, he is just what we need.

  12. Rev. Harrison has the ability to lead a struggling LCMS into an age of uncertainty having a clear direction of Lutheran missions under the auspices of Lutheran theology.

  13. Rev. Daniel T. Torkelson says:

    Rev. Matt Harrison has been the most visible face of LCMS missions over the past six years in his work for LCMS World Relief and Human Care. He is a man with a solid theological confession and a clear vision of what mission really is. While the current leadership of the LCMS wraps itself in the cloak of abstraction known as “Ablaze!” Pastor Harrison has wrapped himself in the arms of God’s mercy and sought to be the Lord’s hands in extending that mercy to those who need it the most. We don’t need the uncertainty of “critical moments” and “reaches” which reach nothing at all. That day is done. We need Christ’s mercy as the least of His brethren. We show Christ’s mercy as ones dearly loved by God. Pastor Harrison will restore this clarity and focus. We should elect Him now before the devil gets the final word in the struggle for the soul of the LCMS.

  14. Heather Seierstad says:

    I was really impressed by Pastor Harrison’s book, “Christ Have Mercy,” not only by his compassion in his mercy work but also by his excellent ability to show how this mercy and our Lutheran theology are intertwined.

  15. Rev. Thomas E. Fast says:

    Matthew Harrison is the right man to bring healing
    and clear direction to a synod which otherwise has begun to lose its bearings.

  16. Darrell Wacker says:

    I too was impressed with his book “Christ Have Mercy.” I believe Rev. Harrison is a person that has all the things our next president needs to start bringing the Synod back toward unity-theology, scholarship, a broad world-view, and a pastoral heart.

    I will be nominating Rev. Harrison for president in my local congregation, and pray that God will lead our leadership to vote affirmatively.

  17. Bradd Stucky says:

    Pastor Harrison is a Servant of the Word needed for such a time as this.

  18. I believe that Pastor Harrison knows how to connect an authentically Lutheran core vision to meaningful, self-forgetful service to the least of these. He would bring healing to a church distracted by dissidence and showy programs recommended by secular marketing consultants, and he would give support to those who simply want to dedicate their lives to service in Christ.

  19. Dennis Peskey says:

    Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly Digest:

  20. Grasshopper says:

    For Pr. Harrison, who will get LCMS, Inc. out of the way of the work of the church.

  21. Luther Music says:

    What is Christ’s command fo leadership? -Selfless servanthood. Not to glorify or take away from any person’s Christian actions, but hasn’t Pastor Harrison had the clearest and most large scale demonstration of servanthood among any possible candidates? I think this perfectly qualifies him through the Lord’s guidlines.

  22. Rev. Ted Staudacher says:

    And a musician extraordinaire!

  23. Tim Buley says:

    REV. HARRISON IN 2010 !!!!!!!!

  24. Rev. Dean M. Bell says:

    It is an overstatement, although not a gross one, to say that administrators are a dime a dozen. It is no overstatement at all to say that true theologians are singularly rare. What a treat it would be to have a proven theologian as synodical president. Few church bodies enjoy that blessing.

  25. Don Kohls says:

    I am reading the book, “At Home in the House of My Fathers” by Matthew C. Harrison and this is an outstanding book. I was at the meeting in St. John’s Lutheran Church in Topeka, Ks on November 21 when Pastor Harrison spoke and he is a true theologian. He stood firm on the Word of God. He is a man who will stand with the 5 great fathers of the Missouri Synod. {Walther, Wyneken, Schwan, Pieper and Pfotenhauer} May God give us Pastor Harrison to lead us out of the darkness that Synod has been in since 2001. We do not need any more politicians but a true theologian who is true to the Word of God.

  26. frjocep says:

    Not a “Missourian” myself, I however pray that God will bless the Missouri Synod with the presidency of Rev. Harrison.

  27. Rev. Mark R. Meier, Sr. says:

    In addition to the qualities listed in the other endorsements I add my witness of the tremendous energy and industrious focus I have seen in Matthew Harrison including his years of study where I first met him. I keep his stamina and health in prayer knowing from where such dedication comes.

  28. Rev. Geoffrey A. Wagner says:

    He filled in for my field work supervisor one Sunday while I was in the seminary. It was a joy and privilege to worship with him and receive God’s gifts through him that day. He’s not simply a confessional guy, he gets it, and would be a tremendous asset as president.

  29. Rev. Clint K. Poppe says:

    Many have said that politicians are everywhere, but what our country really needs are statesmen. Transferring this to the church, we are in very short supply of true churchmen.

    I first met Pastor Harrison in a graduate class at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. While it is a personal honor to call him friend, he is so much more. He has demonstrated by word and deed to be a pastor first and foremost. He has taught me and many others how true mission is mercy flowing from the cross and empty tomb.

    Thank God for this churchman among us!

  30. suzee says:

    Praying for the LCMS to come out of its downward spiral.
    “President” Harrison will have his work cut out for him, but we can’t continue the way we are.
    We support Pr Matt Harrison!

  31. Paul Thompson says:

    Rev. Harrison is the man for the job. A theologian with a big heart and great mind.

  32. Dana says:

    Pastor Harrison is well-studied in the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions, as well as a man who knows how to give pastoral care to others.

  33. Lester Walter says:

    While reading the responses to four questions by the Presidential candidates one very large alarming reality sank into being. Candidate Harrison quoted at least 16 times from the Bible in answering the questions. On the other hand Incumbent Kieschnik responded using no references at all. This clearly states to me the difference between a Theologian and a Politician.

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